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Well, Hello Sugar!

11 Jan

Oh boy am I in trouble.

English: Double Stuf Oreos, by Nabisco.

They only LOOK innocent!

Most of you know I’m the proud Mommy of two. When Baby #2 announced his imminent arrival, I made up my mind that I would lose all the baby weight by his first birthday. Around 45 pounds give or take. I stuck to that goal. I worked hard at eating well, getting plenty of water and exercising almost daily. Nothing too extreme mind, but consistent.

When Thanksgiving and his birthday rolled around, I had made my goal and was feeling pretty good about myself. I still have a few extra pounds hanging around from Baby #1 aka Miss Sassy Pants, but that’s another matter.

Then came December. I’m huge on handcrafting Christmas, which translates to a lot of goodies to eat. Of course, as everyone knows, if you are giving the gift of food, it has to be good and you have to TASTE it as you go. Quality Control at its’ yummiest!

I CAN’T turn off the SUGAR!

I know it’s bad for me, but I swear those extra Oreos are yelling my name every time I walk by the pantry. The tub of chocolate icing leftover from my birthday cupcakes did the same every time I opened the door to the fridge. Come on, just a little taste. What’s the harm….

I’m entering a plea here. How do I kick this sugar habit back to the curb where it belongs??

If any of you know any Jedi-mind-tricks I can pull on myself, let me know!

Because I’m in TROUBLE.

To add to the temptation, Miss Sassy Pants is a Daisy Scout, which means: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES will very shortly be invading my home!

I’m trying, I really am. Wish me luck!

Twelve Tips of Christmas: 4 Just Add Chocolate!

16 Dec
Semi-sweet chocolate chips

When in doubt, just add chocolate chips!

I love baking for the holidays. Like everyone, I have those time-honored special treats that just say home and holidays.

But sometimes, it’s a lot of fun to mix things up. I’m talking add-ons and here are some of my favorites.

Rice Krispie Treats are good. Make them great by adding Peanut M&Ms, holiday ones make them festive. Just stir in at the last-minute before you press them into the pan, save a few to press on top.

Make brownies extra special: add 1/2 cup or more of chocolate chips to your batter, and bake as normal. Fudgey- gooey brownies…yum!

Making banana or pumpkin bread this season? Add a dusting of powdered sugar to the top.

Making a 9×13 cake? Use a 8×11 piece of paper, cut out a seasonal shape and sprinkle cocoa or powdered sugar on top.

A last-minute get together or pot-luck? Take white cake mix, add mini chocolate chips and bake in a mini muffin pan (I do recommend the use of paper liners). While they are still hot, sprinkle granulated sugar on top. You will be the hit of the party!

You get the idea, the options are endless.

Yes, I believe that adding chocolate to just about anything makes it better!

Happy Baking!

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