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A Different Kind of Season

13 Jul

Truely, I’m not sure what is standing between me and the computer these days. It could be the screaming children that spend most of their waking hours fighting about something. Although, as any parent can relate, when it gets quiet is when I really get freaked out. Mr. Crabby Pants has an Evil Kanieval bent that scares the living daylights out of me. Daily.

There are a few personal goals that I’m striving to accomplish this year, and they are taking a good chunk of my precious free time aka nap time. Although, I’m excited to report that I’ve kept fairly up to date on a Bible reading plan that is taking me through the Old Testament once, and the New Testament and Psalms twice in a year. I also have a couple other writing projects in the works. I now know how to use my zipper foot on my sewing machine and how to make home made tortillas. So this first half of the year has been fairly productive on the creative front if not here on the blogging front.

And then there are those days when I’m thrilled to have taken a shower and kept the kids alive and fed. Talk about personal accomplishments.

I wish I had some bit of earth shattering information to share, but at the moment nothing comes to mind. I must be in a different kind of season, I just wish I knew what it is. Until I figure it out, I’ll just continue to roll with it. As usual.

I was rear-ended last week, same car as last year, so a touch of deja vu there. Thankfully the children were home with Daddy and no major injuries. Just sore, and I’m trying to follow DR’s orders and not lift, push, or pull anything. Try telling that to a 2 year old who hurt something, again… Like I said, I’m trying.

Hoping all is well with you all, and thank you for taking a few minutes to read over my random and rambling thoughts.


Not Applicable!??

28 May
Eeyore as depicted by Disney

Eeyore as depicted by Disney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past week or so has been a doozy. Not only am I packing up our place solo, but the kids and I were in a bit of a fender bender. As a result, I am sore all over. The middle of my back feels like I took a swift kick from a donkey.

Erring on the side of caution, and under the advice of several friends and family, I had it looked at. As I was filling out the forms and answering the routine questions, it came up: What do you do? (for a living). I’m a stay at home mom. Oh…… (dead silence). Three separate occasions this week, I’ve been asked this question with varying responses to my answer.  All vague and non-committal as if the person asking the question doesn’t know how to process parenthood as a profession.

A quick exam by the doctor and a few x-rays for good measure confirm that all is well. Just a muscle strain and a spasm. No medication since I’m still breastfeeding. $50 bucks and I’m on my way, trying to convince myself that the $50 for reassurance that nothing serious was going on, was well worth it.

And then…

My husband, through circumstances beyond his control, ended up at the same urgent care also with back pain. HE brings home multiple prescriptions, photo copies of stretches he’s supposed to do nightly AND work restrictions.


The next morning, Mr Crabby Pants is crying at my husband’s knees, I’ve got my hands full, and my husband looks at me and says with a degree of frustration, “Honey, can you get him, I’ve got work restrictions.”

That was the moment.That’s when it finally sunk in.

For those of us Mom’s (stay at home or otherwise) THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WORK RESTRICTIONS! That whole section on the after-care release forms became Not Applicable the moment I said I was a stay at home mom.

No work restrictions for this or any stay at home mom. If the kid is crying, we pick him up! Blood, puke, snot or tears, it’s always Mommy to the rescue.

And, at the end of the day, after that friendly kick from Eeyore really settles in, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Mirror, Mirror, Tell Me Lies

9 Feb
English: Old make-up mirror. Deutsch: Alter Sc...

Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

Does your bathroom mirror lie to you too?

I’m convinced mine does. It’s hard enough that I’ve had a certain birthday in the last month that lies midway between words that rhyme with “dirty” and “lordy”.

I know that I’m not 18 anymore with a lifeguards body and tan to prove it.

I acknowledge that most days I don’t spend much more time on my appearance than applying moisturizer and pinning my still growing out pixie cut from my eyes. BIG mistake on that cut.

Most days, I feel ok over all when I glance in the mirror and head out the door.

And then…..

The lies that my bathroom mirror has been telling me begin to crumble and fall apart.

First it’s my review mirror as I’m backing out of my parking space….. Are those my eyebrows up there or did a pair of caterpillars take up residence? Why don’t I keep tweezers in the car????

Then it’s the full length mirrors on display at Target. Wow, I thought this shirt hid the muffin top better than this. Maybe I should have ironed it after all.

Last but not least is the mirror over the bathroom sink in Wal-Mart. Do I really look that tired? I thought this miracle BB cream stuff was supposed to hide all under-eye baggage that comes from being woken by a crabby baby over and over again. Maybe not.

Just when I’m feeling sad and defeated I catch a glimpse of my sweet baby boy and he smiles at me as if lit from within.

Suddenly, I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.

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