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Good-Bye Coca-Cola, I will miss you

21 Jun

Coca-Cola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am taking this class to help regain some level of fitness, and the other day the instructor asked us to write a break up letter for the one thing that we needed to let go of in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Here goes:

My Dear Coca-Cola,

I’m afraid I’ve come to a tough decision. Our relationship has got to end. This dependency thing we have, it’s just not healthy.

So, I’m seeing someone new, no one you know, so don’t ask. No, it’s not the same sweet satisfaction that I’ve found with you every morning for the last ten years. But, it’s much better for me.

Yes, I think about you all the time. Yes, come mid-afternoon, when I could use a pick-me up… it is you that comes to mind. But that is exactly what is so unhealthy between us. This craving for you will fade in time, so I have been told.

I’ve given you up. I’m turning a new leaf I’ve got to. It’s about doing something healthy for me.

I know it is hard. But really, there are lots of people out there who would be happy to have you.

Because it’s time to focus a little on me.

Thank-you for all the good times!



Gritting My Teeth & Taking The High Road

14 Jun
Smiley Face

Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To the lady in the silver Mitsubishi whatever driving behind me:

Pardon me, for getting in your way

Pardon me, for driving the legal speed in a parking lot

Pardon me, for watching out for other cars, speed bumps, stop signs and pedestrians

Pardon me, for not tailgating the other three cars in front of me

Pardon me, for caring about the welfare of my children who are passengers in my car


My mom often tells me that everyone is the star in their own soap opera.. and based on the honking, gesturing and other wise deranged behavior you exhibited while spending that brief time behind me, I can see that you did not appreciate my walk on guest appearance today. I again ask for your pardon. I hope you got those shoes that you were looking for, and whatever else happens, I hope you have a good day!


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