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Eau de Breast Milk

30 Mar
Perfume Bottle (i)

Perfume Bottle (i) (Photo credit: misteraitch)

Becoming a wife and mommy is complicated business. One day you are this gorgeous young thing dreaming big dreams and enjoying life with your friends. Then it happens. You meet him, the man of your dreams. Whirlwind romance, yada yada and suddenly you are a Mrs. and then a mommy.  What exactly does this all mean?

When a girl gets married she plans every detail of the day. The invitations, the dress, the flowers, everything down to the finest detail. Then the honeymoon. Cue the organ music, the happily ever after….

Then what? I don’t recall anyone of my circle of friends sitting down and really discussing just how much work being married truly is. And MOTHERHOOD??? Forget it.  My own parents divorced when my sister and I were just two years old, so there wasn’t much to learn from by observation at home. Of my friends, the ones who had parents that were “still married”, well there wasn’t much to learn there either. At least not from a teenage girl’s perspective.

No one tells you the dirt. That one day you will wake up a Mommy; soaking wet and wondering what exactly that strange (not unpleasant) smell is. Oh wait it’s you, and while you were sleeping your breasts overflowed all over the place soaking not only you but your sheets as well. Looking in the mirror, up, down and sideways will be a true test to find some semblance of the girl you once were. It may be a long time before you want to really look in the mirror again. Four months after giving birth and I still cringe if I catch a sideways glance of myself in the mirror. And naked? Well, there aren’t quite words…

I look at the shelf in my bathroom and lined up neatly are bottles of perfume all sweet-smelling in their pretty bottles. I can’t wear any of them, my baby won’t eat if I do. Then I look at my make up bag(s) full of promises. This way beauty lies. A few minutes and these magic brushes will wipe away all signs of fatigue for a bright and shiny you. If only I had a few minutes. In the cabinet under the sink; hot rollers, curling irons, and the case with the “good make up”. You know, the stuff for a hot date or a girls night out.  If I went by those get organized in 3 easy steps articles all of this would be garbage as they are far past any “expiration date”. Does that mean that I am past my expiration date too?

Thank goodness my hubby is seemingly blind to my wobbly bits. Those once tight and upright body parts that have softened from a combination of time and baby carrying. I just wish that I was too.  So that is what I am working on. Finding and being the best possible me. I will never again be that hot young 15-year-old self I have a photo of on my refrigerator. But with a little work (that diet and exercise bit the experts are always recommending), I can be the best possible me. I think I can be ok with that. And if for the next year or so I carry the faint smell of breast milk, I can be ok with that too.

On that note, I signed up for a 5k today. I will probably walk it. But it’s a start.

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