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Wishing On the New Year

31 Dec

It’s New Year’s Eve and all over the TV and other media are THE LISTS!

star light, star bright

star light, star bright (Photo credit: jkarol)

You know the ones, who married who, and divorced them 5 minutes later, Top Box Office Blockbusters, and bombs… The best this the worst of that every year is the same. With the sparkly shiny New Year just a few hours away, hopeful optimist that I am, I’m usually writing a list of what changes I want to make in the new year, what goals I want to set for myself, and my family.

Today, I really just want to take a nap.

When I was little, I would do the whole wishing on a star thing:

Star light, Star Bright

First Star I see Tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have this wish, I wish Tonight

I WISH I had arms like Elasti-Girl from The Incredibles, that way I could keep my little monkey from scaling the furniture.

  Guess I’ll have to earthquake-proof the place instead.

I WISH I had the quiet and calming patience of Michelle Duggar.

  Guess I’ll have to try to find my Inside Voice and practice, practice, practice.

I WISH to survive the next week of Winter Vacation without a side-trip to Bedlam.

There are other wishes, the wish to see my family, the wish for healthier living that all of us seem to strive for, the wishes go on.

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!

Scrap That and Try Again

5 Jul
English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, so it is now July and we’re over half-way through 2012.

For whatever reason, on TV they are listing all the year’s best highlights: who had babies, who broke-up, who lost weight, et cetera

In keeping with such time-honored and typically year-end traditions. I have decided to scrap my New Year’s Resolutions, and try again with some fresh ones. Mid-Year Resolutions if you will.

Here Goes!

10: Write, write, WRITE!

9: Read, Read, READ!

8: Do something creative every day

7: Finish one project before starting a new one, with the exception being knitting because that’s just not always possible

6: Don’t just Pin It, TRY IT!

5: Date my Husband

4: Continue to explore healthy recipes and new foods

3:Make a daily appointment to work out, and keep it

2: Practice patience with the children, especially Sassy Britches

1: Make a daily appointment with God, and keep it


Maybe a little re-prioritizing is just the ticket. Maybe this time they’ll stick. If not, there’s always September. That’s when I start planning for Christmas!

Back to Normal????

12 May

I feel a bit like I have been hit by a truck. Or maybe it is just that my batteries ran out sometime this morning after taking my mom to the airport. I really think I heard that whirring sound of them winding down. I know I felt it. Wsshhhshh. Four days of whirlwind activities:

A Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese, no less. It was a smashing success!

Family Pictures

Mad Crafting our own Mother’s Day presents

Field Day at school

Showing off at dance class

Shopping, shopping and more shopping

All on top of the normal stuff: Someone still had to be to school at 7:35 in the morning, and someone else still needed to be fed every three hours or so.

No one can say that I am not a good hostess/tour guide! It was a wonderful visit. My mom is one of my best friends and we always have fun together. It had been two years, so we had a lot of time to make up for in those four short, jam-packed days. I planned ahead as much as possible. Almost to geek status, I knew where I wanted to take her on which days to best highlight our little corner of the world.

See, my mom has never been here. I not only wanted to show her where we live. But also a bit of the life that we are getting established here. I wanted her to see that even though we are not making our home  in the midwest where I grew up, we are making a home here, it is a nice place, it will be ok, and she can maybe just maybe stop worrying. Although, I have been told that as a mother, you never stop worrying, so we will see how that goes.

I had made double batches of a few dinners in advance and froze them so precious time was not wasted in the kitchen. This is a known technique for when you have a baby on the imminent horizon. I highly recommend it for other relatives and visitors too.

I spent the preceding week scouring Pinterest for the perfect craft project(s) to make for Mother’s Day and came up with two amazing ones.

Make your own Birds Nest necklaces - a great "jewellery craft" for beginners

These gorgeous necklaces are fun to do. We modified them a little for my daughter to be able to participate as well. They are from a wonderful blog called redtedart.com Please look her up. Her blog is fabulous.

We also made our own version of these handprints from modpodgerocksblog.com Thanks

This Mother's Day gift is one that you can do every single year - to see how your children are growing!

So I am sitting here, happy and sad, and tired thinking what a wonderful week we just had. My mom called a little bit ago to tell me that her plane had landed and said I must be glad to be able to get things back to normal. Somehow I don’t know what that is. I think I need to take a nap.

To all you Mommys out there. Have a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day.

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