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It Shouldn’t Be A Surprise

19 Mar

Maybe I jinxed myself all those months ago, back when I was still pregnant. Because every time we were looking at baby stuff, I was automatically drawn to everything and anything with a MONKEY on it.

Foreshadowing? Maybe.

At the ripe old age of fifteen months, my sweet baby boy has managed the new skill of climbing unassisted out of his play pen. It seems that the aluminum frame and mesh side panels that I painstakingly picked out and purchased a year ago is just no match for my little monkey. He’s not too tall, he’s actually on the lower end of the growth chart… He’s just strong and fearless and determined.

All I wanted was a safe place to put him when his sister was feeling a little less than sisterly, or if I wanted to vacuum, or run out the car for a load of groceries… you get the gist.

I packed it up today. After taking multiple pictures of it from different angles so I can list it on Craigslist!

winter 2013 003

Dinner and Diapers and Homework, Oh My!

17 Jan

It seems these days that my life is centered around the following questions, in no particular order.

  1. What’s for dinner, Honey? Mommy, I’m starving!
  2. Where are the clean diapers?
  3. Whaddya mean you want an eraser and why do I have to re-do my homework?

And so the days fly by like those old movies where the calender pages just fly off into oblivion. Seemingly, my mind is flying with it. I have taken to making a weekly menu to help keep track of the all important question of what’s for dinner. It helps with the grocery shopping too. 022

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have to mark on the calendar when I’ve done a load of diapers. The instructions say no longer than three days between washings, and I can’t always remember what happened three hours ago. So if  you see a little ‘D’ on my calendar, no you know why. It is a true testament to my diaper pail for keeping the odors at bay! If you happen to be in the market, I’m loving my Safety 1st Step On Diaper Pail, it was one of the cheapest, and since it’s small usually when it’s full, is a good time to wash… AHA! Mommy wisdom at it’s finest. Unless, of course, I’m feeling lazy and keep cramming them in there anyway.

Safety 1st Simple Step Diaper Pail

Then comes the homework. It’s first grade and it’s getting harder. I know at the beginning of the year, the teacher told us to resist temptation to do the work ourselves, and I nodded and agreed alongside every other parent in the room. Man oh man is it HARD to let my child turn in homework that is an absolute mess. Spelling words all willy-nilly, letters and punctuation appear at random and as the space allows. Add drawings and coloring to the mix and it’s an eye-popping experience to be sure. I try to contain myself, I really do. But sometimes I just can’t! I’ve set the following guidelines for myself: as long as the general directions have been followed, LET IT BE! If and only IF the directions were not followed, do I step in with the eraser and we re-read the directions and she starts over again. Her biggest struggle is with reading homework where she has to do any kind of re-telling. She wants to copy sentences verbatim from the book, and I don’t want that to become a habit. Is it wrong for me to make her do it over when she does this? We never get her homework back from the teacher, so I’m flying blind on this one.

Dinner and diapers are easier by far!

Dinner and Diapers and Homework, Oh My! It really is great to be a Mommy!460

Crunchier than I Thought I Would Be

4 Jul

I have never thought of myself as a “Hippy” or however you would spell that.

In high school, I couldn’t understand people’s facination with The Greatful Dead, patchuli makes my face itch, I don’t feel like the day is started without a good shower, and I didn’t feel like smoking pot.

Today, um years later all of the same is true.

And yet, I am far crunchier than I thought I would be.

I wear my baby in a Moby wrap in order to have my hands free.

I use cloth diapers on this one, to keep the land-fills a little less full of poop, and also to keep a little extra green in our bank account.

I make my own baby wipes, because it is easier than sorting out and trashing the disposable ones from the cloth diapers when it is laundry time. Plus like everything else, those things are getting more expensive.

I’m happily breastfeeding #2 for as long as he’s interested.

I have taken to making my own baby food. It’s fun, it’s easier by far than I thought it would be, my daughter likes to help, which by the way,  is a huge bonus as it is summer vacation and every day is a struggle to keep her entertained and him from bodily harm!

I knit, I sew, and I have fallen head over heels for Pinterest and all it’s crafty, foody, fitness glory.

Maybe I’m not a hippy after all. Maybe I’m a little crunchy, a little crafty, and a lot cheap!

If you feel the same and have any tips, please feel free to share!

If you’re on Pinterest, let me know and I’ll look you up!

One Woman, Three Ring Circus… Step Right Up!

25 Apr

Everyone has had a week like I am having at one point or another. I do not pretend that it is only me. But really…. this is just crazy!

As the calendar pages fly by there are a few events on the horizon which I am both looking forward to and dreading.  Just setting the stage here folks, bear with me.

First: My mom is coming to visit!!!! Yay! Now, this will be the first time in six years that my mom has come to stay in our home. Which means, boy oh boy do I have some deep cleaning to do. Obsessive that I am, I have a list and a schedule made out for each day leading up to her arrival.

Second: My daughter’s sixth birthday party. Timed of course with my Mom’s arrival. Oh yeah and the fact that Grandma coming is a surprise. So I have to explain my frantic cleaning to our darling girl in other creative ways. How about “Clean your room before your birthday party, or I will tell everyone not to bring you a present!”? Too harsh? She really is too smart for her own good, and has an answer for everything. So her response to this empty threat was, “my clean or Mommy Clean?”.

Third: Some sadistic parent at my daughter’s school announced at random the other day that there are only twenty-eight days of school left! My heart fell out on the sidewalk. Now I have to figure out what to do with both of them all summer that doesn’t break the bank or involve hours of endless TV watching. It gets hot here. Really hot! I am already prepping my daughter that her baby brother won’t be able to spend all day at the pool like we did last summer… So if anyone has any bright ideas, I am all ears!

Just as things are kicking into high gear, if only in my mind: My car starts making a funny noise. Not to worry my husband tells me, we can take care of it ourselves, (meaning him and his cousin). Then off he goes on his only days off this week to go “fix it”. The baby is teething again/still, up all night and won’t take a nap for longer than twenty minutes. So sleep is a very precious commodity that I just can’t get my hands on. Ensue delirium.

But what has really iced the cake is that my poor little girl has come  down with strep throat. AGAIN. I think this the fourth time since Halloween, maybe it’s the fifth. To add insult to injury it means that she had to miss the kindergarten field trip to the zoo. The one she thing she has been looking forward to for months. What a way to teach her that life doesn’t always go how you planned. My heart broke with her when she woke up scorching hot, climbed in my lap and told me that she was not going to be able to go because she didn’t feel good.

As my mom is fond of saying: “One day, this will only be a memory”…..

Have happy week. With luck I can get the oven cleaned…. oops there goes the baby monitor!

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