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Naptime Warrior

12 Apr

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baby monitor LEDs

baby monitor LEDs (Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan)

Does this sound familiar??? Maybe it’s because it is spring. Or maybe it’s because we are all supposed to live in picture perfect little houses with manicured landscaping and matchy matchy interiors, all toys, tubs and bins color coordinated so that if Better Homes & Gardens came knocking on our door, everything would be ready for that photo-op. Right?

From TV commercials to my inbox, I am being bombarded with “projects” to make my home life easier. What these advertisers don’t seem to realize is this: If you are a mommy to small children, chances are you have to think smaller. Much smaller. I don’t have whole weekends to devote to a home improvement project. Hell, I am a stay at home mom. I don’t have weekends period. No time off here…

What I do have is naptime! I am a Naptime Warrior. There is a teething baby in this house, so if the job that needs to be done involves more than five minutes, two hands and some brain cells, my friends it gets done at naptime or not at all!

With the help of a very sensitive baby monitor, naptime is when all the everyday chores gets done, and the not so every day chores. Laundry, kitchen cleaning, party planning and so on all gets done during naptime. It was even during naptime that I grabbed the hand mirror and a pair of scissors and chopped my hair off. Not for the faint of heart, but I was desperate!

Back in the perfect world, naptime would mean time for Mommy’s little luxuries. A bubble bath, maybe. Time to read a book that doesn’t cover breast-feeding or childhood illnesses… Ah, if only.

My friends are naptime warriors as well. My bestie has redone her laundry room, while nine moths pregnant no less, and painted the entry way to her home during naptime. Give an industrious and determined mommy a good two to three hours of undiluted naptime and there is no telling what she can get done.

As for me, I think today after spending all of last night nursing a teething baby, that I will defer to that age-old piece of wisdom passed down from mother to daughter, sister to friend. Sleep when the baby sleeps!




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