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Something Amazing

24 Feb
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My daughter and I have been on a rollercoaster together since her very first breaths. She is my love, my joy and the reason I feel like screaming as I dive head first into a glass of red wine at the end of the day.

My son is a soothing balm in temperament. He laughs, smiles and sings his way merrily through the day. When he is not scaling the furniture in search of new ways to give himself a head injury, that is.

With this information, you might wonder why, when I was at the library last week, did I pick up a DVD of Cirque Du Soleil.  Why? I thought it would be mesmerizing, I like the music…

Monday being a holiday, meant three days of all Mommy all the time as my husband of course was at work.

I’m just putting in a load of laundry, when I hear it, the inevitable screech of pain, coming from the livingroom.

“Why…” I ask as I charge into the livingroom expecting to see the little guy in tears and in pain, which is most often the case.

Not this time, it’s Miss Sassy Pants in a screech of anguish with tears pouring down her sweet face she explains that she’s stuck on a storage basket that I keep tucked under the coffee table, and which houses our DVD collection.

I quickly undo her shirt and start the Mommy tirade of “why, why,WHAT and why” as I take in the warren of tunnels she has created of blankets, pillows and assorted toys throughout the livingroom all in a matter of minutes as I was trying to tackle the Mount Vesuvius of laundry.

All throughout my tirade she listens with her big green eyes pouring tears and the occasional whimper. For once,there is no snappy comeback. For once, she is not trying to argue, I mean negotiate things to her way of thinking.

Out of breath, I ask her to please clean all this mess up and can we please not do this again since someone got hurt.

Ok, she says. But can you please kiss my back.

Of course, I pull her into my arms and lift her shirt so I can kiss where she was stuck on the basket. Only, then do I see the gash/welt that runs from her shoulder-blade past her tushie. My poor baby girl.

Later, as I was applying Neosporin along with a couple more kisses for good measure, I asked her. “What were you doing, to hurt yourself like this?”

At first, I got a blatant, lie. I explained that due to physics, her explanation couldn’t possibly be true, and asked would she please try again to tell me what had happened.

She got real quiet, and very softly said, “Something Amazing”.

So much for Cirque Du Soleil.

Dinner and Diapers and Homework, Oh My!

17 Jan

It seems these days that my life is centered around the following questions, in no particular order.

  1. What’s for dinner, Honey? Mommy, I’m starving!
  2. Where are the clean diapers?
  3. Whaddya mean you want an eraser and why do I have to re-do my homework?

And so the days fly by like those old movies where the calender pages just fly off into oblivion. Seemingly, my mind is flying with it. I have taken to making a weekly menu to help keep track of the all important question of what’s for dinner. It helps with the grocery shopping too. 022

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have to mark on the calendar when I’ve done a load of diapers. The instructions say no longer than three days between washings, and I can’t always remember what happened three hours ago. So if  you see a little ‘D’ on my calendar, no you know why. It is a true testament to my diaper pail for keeping the odors at bay! If you happen to be in the market, I’m loving my Safety 1st Step On Diaper Pail, it was one of the cheapest, and since it’s small usually when it’s full, is a good time to wash… AHA! Mommy wisdom at it’s finest. Unless, of course, I’m feeling lazy and keep cramming them in there anyway.

Safety 1st Simple Step Diaper Pail

Then comes the homework. It’s first grade and it’s getting harder. I know at the beginning of the year, the teacher told us to resist temptation to do the work ourselves, and I nodded and agreed alongside every other parent in the room. Man oh man is it HARD to let my child turn in homework that is an absolute mess. Spelling words all willy-nilly, letters and punctuation appear at random and as the space allows. Add drawings and coloring to the mix and it’s an eye-popping experience to be sure. I try to contain myself, I really do. But sometimes I just can’t! I’ve set the following guidelines for myself: as long as the general directions have been followed, LET IT BE! If and only IF the directions were not followed, do I step in with the eraser and we re-read the directions and she starts over again. Her biggest struggle is with reading homework where she has to do any kind of re-telling. She wants to copy sentences verbatim from the book, and I don’t want that to become a habit. Is it wrong for me to make her do it over when she does this? We never get her homework back from the teacher, so I’m flying blind on this one.

Dinner and diapers are easier by far!

Dinner and Diapers and Homework, Oh My! It really is great to be a Mommy!460

Twelve Tips of Christmas: 10 Practically Magic Stain Removal

23 Dec

Stains happen any time of year, helping get them out is my gift to you.

1 squirt of BLUE Dawn dish soap

1/4 scoop of Oxy Clean

Using a container where you can let your item soak, put the Dawn and Oxy Clean in. Then add BOILING Water, about a quart. The Dawn/Oxy Clean combo will foam up a bit. Then add your item of clothing. Add enough hot water to cover the item, and let it soak at least overnight. I like to poke at my stuff with a wooden spoon, I don’t know that it helps but it makes me feel like I’m part of the process.

Disclaimer: Please read your tags. If your item is dry clean only or made of a fabric that cannot tolerate hot water, please do not follow these instructions. Unless that is you’re a risk taker and feel your other alternative is the trash can. Your call.481

I’ve had great luck with baby clothes, removing sweat stains from white baseball hats, chocolate, ketchup and other assorted everyday food-type stains in mainly cotton or cotton/poly blends.

Holiday Panic

14 Nov

I love to plan for the holidays. I love the decorating, the baking, the music, the movies, the whole she-bang! Always have. Back to the year my sister and I “helped” our mom out by decorating the tree ourselves when we got home from school. We literally threw the ornaments at the tree and left them where they landed. Shatterproof ornaments: not just for toddlers. Mom was less than impressed, but the story lives on.

In recent years, I have been making and baking gifts for the holidays. I spend months trying out recipes to decide which will make the cut; sending the test samples with my husband to work to see which get the best reviews. Then I start on my crafting agenda…

Then came this year, the year that Pinterest entered my life. Oh, the hours that I have spent (wasted) searching and dreaming of the holidays. I made boards, lists and plans to my heart’s content.

Along came the internationally known party poopers destined to dash any grandiose plans that I could dream up: Time and Money.

I could dream of making fantasmic holiday wreaths and gift baskets galore to gift to all and sundry…. If only in my dreams.

Like a lot of things in life, my holiday plans get scaled back to something more feasible. It’s okay, I’m excited about what’s made the final cut. I can’t give too much away, since most of my readers are family and I would like to save some surprises for Christmas!

Until, I look at the calendar.  As of today, I have exactly a month to get everything done, wrapped, packaged and mailed to meet with the USPS deadline for Christmas. I use the Parcel Post deadline, because it seems a little silly to spend over $30 to mail a box of Christmas cookies. Since the majority of our family is out of state, it really adds up. If you have to mail gifts this year, check out the USPS holiday deadlines here.

So, here I sit on a Wednesday afternoon panicking that once again, I’ve overstretched myself, that I can’t do it all,  and the laundry, with my kitchen trashed, my carpets needing to be cleaned, and just knowing that once I bust out the sewing machine it will become the center-piece of my dining room table for at least the next month. Whew.  What am I doing to rectify this situation? I’m sitting here, still in my pajamas, telling all of you about it , while Mr Crabby Pants is emptying the storage box with office supplies in it at my feet. Time to find a box with a locking lid, but that will have to be another day.

By the way, if anyone has any tips on how to put up a Christmas tree that this baby won’t tip over or try to scale like a monkey, please let me know. I’m seriously considering a (gasp) fake tree and nailing it upside down to the ceiling!

Has anyone else entered into a holiday panic yet??? Please, tell me I’m not alone.

Enter Daddy: Stage Left

28 Jun

As a stay-at-home Mommy, there are times where I feel unequal parts entertainment director, teacher, artist, short-order cook, referee, police/parole officer…

Some days, I feel just this side of a lunatic!

Enter Daddy STAGE LEFT:

In our home Daddy is always good for:

Rough-housing; especially when it is past bedtime! Bonus points if there are pillows and aerial manuevers involved.

Jumping into the kitchen with a frying pan in hand; ready to stir up some culinary magic, usually off the top of his head!

Or alternately whipping out his phone where he has the pizza place on speed-dial.

Blithely ignoring the STAGGERING piles of laundry & diapers in favor of a family movie night

Finishing any attempted home (ahem) improvement, aka baby-proofing– projects that I have been unable to get accomplished.

Turning a blind eye to the dining room table when it plays home to the sewing machine and other assorted crafting projects for weeks or months on end.

Backing up Mommy with that stern Daddy Voice when the sassy six year-old is getting a little too sassy.

Generally walking in the door ready to do what he can to help me, more or less.  In the way that only Daddy can…

In with a Fizzle

1 Jun

Waffles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you hear it??? IF you listen, there is a special sound for today, the first day of Summer Vacation. If you are of a certain generation it might just ROCK! Alice Cooper style: School’s out for Summer, School’s out FOREVER…” I

If you are of the next generation maybe it is those bright-eyed kids from High School Musical 2: “Summer, Summer, Summer” with a clock ticking in the background.

Around here, Summer Vacation is kicking off to the sound of wet fireworks. PFITPZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzshhhhhhhhhh.


Because, yet again my poor girl has strep throat, and is at this moment curled up on the sofa with a fever moaning that she cannot go to sleep.

So instead of heading off to the pool, the park, or to the library for the Summer Reading Club kick-off, homebound we remain.

Big Sigh.

These are the days when Mommy really REALLY, wants to make it all better.

And, I can’t. Not really.

I have to wait for time and antibiotics to do their thing.

Homemade waffles anyone??? Blueberries or Chocolate Chips???


Back to Normal????

12 May

I feel a bit like I have been hit by a truck. Or maybe it is just that my batteries ran out sometime this morning after taking my mom to the airport. I really think I heard that whirring sound of them winding down. I know I felt it. Wsshhhshh. Four days of whirlwind activities:

A Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese, no less. It was a smashing success!

Family Pictures

Mad Crafting our own Mother’s Day presents

Field Day at school

Showing off at dance class

Shopping, shopping and more shopping

All on top of the normal stuff: Someone still had to be to school at 7:35 in the morning, and someone else still needed to be fed every three hours or so.

No one can say that I am not a good hostess/tour guide! It was a wonderful visit. My mom is one of my best friends and we always have fun together. It had been two years, so we had a lot of time to make up for in those four short, jam-packed days. I planned ahead as much as possible. Almost to geek status, I knew where I wanted to take her on which days to best highlight our little corner of the world.

See, my mom has never been here. I not only wanted to show her where we live. But also a bit of the life that we are getting established here. I wanted her to see that even though we are not making our home  in the midwest where I grew up, we are making a home here, it is a nice place, it will be ok, and she can maybe just maybe stop worrying. Although, I have been told that as a mother, you never stop worrying, so we will see how that goes.

I had made double batches of a few dinners in advance and froze them so precious time was not wasted in the kitchen. This is a known technique for when you have a baby on the imminent horizon. I highly recommend it for other relatives and visitors too.

I spent the preceding week scouring Pinterest for the perfect craft project(s) to make for Mother’s Day and came up with two amazing ones.

Make your own Birds Nest necklaces - a great "jewellery craft" for beginners

These gorgeous necklaces are fun to do. We modified them a little for my daughter to be able to participate as well. They are from a wonderful blog called Please look her up. Her blog is fabulous.

We also made our own version of these handprints from Thanks

This Mother's Day gift is one that you can do every single year - to see how your children are growing!

So I am sitting here, happy and sad, and tired thinking what a wonderful week we just had. My mom called a little bit ago to tell me that her plane had landed and said I must be glad to be able to get things back to normal. Somehow I don’t know what that is. I think I need to take a nap.

To all you Mommys out there. Have a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day.

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