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Poor Mom’s Cheesecake

25 Jan
English: A stack of Nabisco Graham Crackers.

Begging for a schmeer!

Maybe you are poor on TIME…

or maybe you are poor on CASH…

or maybe you are like me and afraid of the spring-form pan.

But if you have a hankering for cheesecake, keep it simple.

Are you ready for this?????

You will need:

Cream Cheese: full fat or reduced, the choice is yours

Graham Crackers: as many as you want.

Take knife and spread cream cheese on graham cracker.

Eat and repeat as necessary!

The variations are endless.


Dinner and Diapers and Homework, Oh My!

17 Jan

It seems these days that my life is centered around the following questions, in no particular order.

  1. What’s for dinner, Honey? Mommy, I’m starving!
  2. Where are the clean diapers?
  3. Whaddya mean you want an eraser and why do I have to re-do my homework?

And so the days fly by like those old movies where the calender pages just fly off into oblivion. Seemingly, my mind is flying with it. I have taken to making a weekly menu to help keep track of the all important question of what’s for dinner. It helps with the grocery shopping too. 022

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have to mark on the calendar when I’ve done a load of diapers. The instructions say no longer than three days between washings, and I can’t always remember what happened three hours ago. So if  you see a little ‘D’ on my calendar, no you know why. It is a true testament to my diaper pail for keeping the odors at bay! If you happen to be in the market, I’m loving my Safety 1st Step On Diaper Pail, it was one of the cheapest, and since it’s small usually when it’s full, is a good time to wash… AHA! Mommy wisdom at it’s finest. Unless, of course, I’m feeling lazy and keep cramming them in there anyway.

Safety 1st Simple Step Diaper Pail

Then comes the homework. It’s first grade and it’s getting harder. I know at the beginning of the year, the teacher told us to resist temptation to do the work ourselves, and I nodded and agreed alongside every other parent in the room. Man oh man is it HARD to let my child turn in homework that is an absolute mess. Spelling words all willy-nilly, letters and punctuation appear at random and as the space allows. Add drawings and coloring to the mix and it’s an eye-popping experience to be sure. I try to contain myself, I really do. But sometimes I just can’t! I’ve set the following guidelines for myself: as long as the general directions have been followed, LET IT BE! If and only IF the directions were not followed, do I step in with the eraser and we re-read the directions and she starts over again. Her biggest struggle is with reading homework where she has to do any kind of re-telling. She wants to copy sentences verbatim from the book, and I don’t want that to become a habit. Is it wrong for me to make her do it over when she does this? We never get her homework back from the teacher, so I’m flying blind on this one.

Dinner and diapers are easier by far!

Dinner and Diapers and Homework, Oh My! It really is great to be a Mommy!460

Twelve Tips of Christmas: 10 Practically Magic Stain Removal

23 Dec

Stains happen any time of year, helping get them out is my gift to you.

1 squirt of BLUE Dawn dish soap

1/4 scoop of Oxy Clean

Using a container where you can let your item soak, put the Dawn and Oxy Clean in. Then add BOILING Water, about a quart. The Dawn/Oxy Clean combo will foam up a bit. Then add your item of clothing. Add enough hot water to cover the item, and let it soak at least overnight. I like to poke at my stuff with a wooden spoon, I don’t know that it helps but it makes me feel like I’m part of the process.

Disclaimer: Please read your tags. If your item is dry clean only or made of a fabric that cannot tolerate hot water, please do not follow these instructions. Unless that is you’re a risk taker and feel your other alternative is the trash can. Your call.481

I’ve had great luck with baby clothes, removing sweat stains from white baseball hats, chocolate, ketchup and other assorted everyday food-type stains in mainly cotton or cotton/poly blends.

Twelve Tips for Christmas: 5 & 6 Static and Starch, Oh My

19 Dec

When I got the idea to do these Twelve Tips for you, I grabbed a notebook and started writing out my list. List-making helps combat the mommy brain that sometimes takes over. Needless to say, when last-minute errands turns into birthday present shopping (for your’s truly), the computer spends a lonely day dark and silent… I apo

Playing on the slide, "What's going on wi...

Um. Something’s up with your hair.

logize for getting a day behind.

On with the tips!

Tip 5

Come winter in most of the country, the moisture in the air follows the birds and heads south, leaving the rest of us DRY! Dry skin, dry hair and static electricity.

Now, some people carry around those little cans of Static Guard and all is right with the world. No skirts sticking to tights for these sisters.

If you don’t have a can handy… grab ye old HAIRSPRAY and give your self a little spritz. Aerosol does work better than pump, and cheap as in Aquanet is just fine.

If it’s your hair that has taken to whole new heights and you don’t want helmet head try: rubbing a dryer sheet (used is ok) on your hair, or if you’re out and about a dab of body lotion rubbed between your hands and smoothed on your hair also works. I’ve also heard you can do the same with lip balm, I’ve just never tried it. So there you go, no more fly aways!

Tip 6

If you need a crisp ironed shirt for a holiday get together and don’t have a can of spray starch on hand, grab that same can of ye old HAIRSPRAY and give a light spritz. A word of caution, spray lightly as it can make your iron sticky. Just like in the good old days of mall hair and crusty curling irons.


Have a Happy Hair Day!


Twelve Tips of Christmas: 4 Just Add Chocolate!

16 Dec
Semi-sweet chocolate chips

When in doubt, just add chocolate chips!

I love baking for the holidays. Like everyone, I have those time-honored special treats that just say home and holidays.

But sometimes, it’s a lot of fun to mix things up. I’m talking add-ons and here are some of my favorites.

Rice Krispie Treats are good. Make them great by adding Peanut M&Ms, holiday ones make them festive. Just stir in at the last-minute before you press them into the pan, save a few to press on top.

Make brownies extra special: add 1/2 cup or more of chocolate chips to your batter, and bake as normal. Fudgey- gooey brownies…yum!

Making banana or pumpkin bread this season? Add a dusting of powdered sugar to the top.

Making a 9×13 cake? Use a 8×11 piece of paper, cut out a seasonal shape and sprinkle cocoa or powdered sugar on top.

A last-minute get together or pot-luck? Take white cake mix, add mini chocolate chips and bake in a mini muffin pan (I do recommend the use of paper liners). While they are still hot, sprinkle granulated sugar on top. You will be the hit of the party!

You get the idea, the options are endless.

Yes, I believe that adding chocolate to just about anything makes it better!

Happy Baking!

Twelve Tips of Christmas: 3 Gift Wrapping Without Tears

15 Dec

003Call me old-fashioned but I actually like wrapping presents. Maybe it is the slightly compulsive side of me, maybe the crafter I am at heart or maybe it’s the need I have to dust off those skills I learned years ago gift-wrapping away at the department store where I worked my way through college. Either way, here goes.

First and foremost: Wrap at waist height or slightly higher… so clear off the dining table or if you have an extra roomy counter that will do nicely. Be sure you wipe off any breakfast residue any little people may have left behind. What? That only happens here?

Second: Get all your supplies out and arranged where they are within easy reach, those chairs are just standing there all lonely waiting to be of assistance. Place your paper so you can pull it freely towards you, ideally, the roll should butt up against a wall to keep it from rolling off the table.

Third: Remove all price tags. Put your Sharpie away, this is the best tip ever…seriously. Take a piece of tape, place it over the price and using your thumb nail, rub firmly over the price only. Then grab the end of the tape and rip it off quickly like you would a band-aid. There you go, the SKU is intact and the price is neatly removed.

Next: If you are wrapping a box, lay it against one edge of the paper, then flip it across the paper to check your width is adequate to wrap around the box. You need the box to flip 2.5 tp 3x to fit properly. Any less, and you will need to adjust your orientation.

Finally: What are you waiting for? Getting wrapping! The clock is ticking and if you are like me, there is only so much child-free time that can be arranged in a day.

Happy Wrapping!


Ps. I learned this the hard way: If you are wrapping presents for anyone under the age of ten; skip the ribbons and bows! No need for tears on Christmas morning over the presents they can’t get into to unwrap. True story.

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