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A Little Yarn, A Lot of Love

18 Aug

It’s a fact: Someone you know loves someone with cancer.

When my grandma was sick with “female cancer” as my mom called it, I remember towards the end her saying that she woke up to find some beautiful silver yarn on her pillow and she didn’t know how it got there. It was her hair of course, but she was very sick by this point. A few days later she was telling my mom how hard it was to go to sleep because her head was so cold.

I was sitting frantically knitting a soft and fuzzy hat last nigh,t for someone I love, and I got to thinking.

If everyone who had a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook set aside their current project to make a hat for a cancer patient….


Think about it. Really, think hard.

We are quick to run 5ks, participate in fundraisers for cancer research, and wear pink ribbons.

What about that lovely lady, lonely gent or little child who is right now hooked up to machines in a cold hospital. Scared.

I want to do something for them now.

I ask you: Please, go raid your yarn stash, if you have one, and pick something soft and cozy.  It takes a few hours and a few dollars to show someone a little love.

Pin this. Share it with everyone you know.

There are even colors assigned to other forms of cancer than just pink. For example, teal is the color of ovarian cancer. If you are interested in a specific cancer there is a pdf chart here that will help you out.

Here is a very basic pattern to follow for knitters.

Take the end of your yarn wrap it around your head then take that measure and add two more lengths. So if you are looking for a 20 inch circumference your tail will be 60 inches.

Then cast on until you run out of a tail.

Do 4 rows of a Knit 3 Purl 2 rib

Transfer to a 16 in circular needle and join in a round. Place marker at join.

Knit away until you have 7 inches of fabric. (5 inches if you are making for a child)

Start your decreases:

K2together, k12 and repeat.

Next round knit

K2together, k 11 and repeat

Next round knit

K2together, k 10 and repeat

Next round knit

When you find you are running out of room on your circular, switch to double-pointed needles and continue as above until you have only 5-7 stitches left. Thread your tail through these to the inside of the hat, pull tight and tie off.

Voila! A hat has been born!

Of course, this is a very basic hat. and I am by no means a mathematician, so if you are…. there are hat patterns galore to be found in books, magazines, and online. Just google: free hat  patterns, or check on Ravelry if you are a member. However you get there, just pick something you like and get started!!! If you’re a little overwhelmed try Knitting Pattern Central

Just think of how many cold heads we can cover.

If you don’t have a specific person to give  your hat to, talk to your pastor or stop in at your local hospital.

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