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(Mis)Adventures in Breastfeeding

29 Jul

I’m learning daily that boys do things differently than girls.

Plain and simple, they just do. Even breastfeedingis different this time around.

English: WPA poster promoting breast feeding a...

English: WPA poster promoting breast feeding and proper child care, showing mother nursing baby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I nursed my daughter calmly and contentedly until she was fifteen months old. It was a very sudden stop. She had a double ear infection, I offered her the breast to help soothe her, and she looked at it like she had never seen it before in her sweet little life. I covered myself back up and that was it. She never tried to nurse again. No pain, no tears, no trauma for either of us, just like that, done.

Now my son.

When he was born, my midwife said he was tongue-tied and this could be a problem. I nursed and nursed and nursed. He quickly regained his birth weight. I mentioned the tongue-tie to the pediatrician who checked him out, said his tongue came out far enough and that was it.

Then came the multiple bouts of mastitis.

We nursed, and we nursed.

Soon after the second bout of mastitis, I noticed a blister or bleb or some sort of plug on my nipple. I researched and read till my eyes crossed on how to fix that. I tried every suggestion including a sterilized needle….. CRINGE!  All to no avail. I’m convinced all the messing around to get rid of the thing caused the third round of mastitis. At that point I decided to LEAVE IT ALONE!

We nursed and we nursed.

Then my sweet low-key little dude got active, and Whoa Nelly did the nursing change! This little guy seems to think that crawling, sitting, standing and climbing can all be accomplished while still nursing.

He has teeth!

If he happens to catch me without a shirt on, it’s like he’s suddenly starving and standing in front of an all you can eat buffet of cheeseburgers. Even if he has just finished dinner of solids.

I have to be honest, that I am often taken by surprise at his nursing antics. This is the only instance I can solemnly say, that his sister was much calmer. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m not supposed to compare. But she never tried to turn cartwheels while still at the breast.

Today, I was trying to sneak in a couple bites of pizza for myself while nursing at lunchtime. Suddenly he sat right up, grabbed the pizza and shoved it in his face. It was cute, it was like the books say. I enjoyed the moment and even giggled when he got so decidedly angry when I tried to take it away. He even went back to nursing for a minute in the middle. Not a place I ever expect to have pizza sauce smeared by the way. Then back to the pizza, all was well and sweet right until he gave a cough, and let’s just say he apparently wasn’t ready for pizza after all. Back to nursing for a few minutes till everything calmed back down.

No one said this was a glamorous job after all.

Already a few people have asked how long I’m going to nurse this little guy. My answer is: As long as he wants to.

If you’re experiencing or have experienced any nursing antics of your own, please share. This part is all new to me!




How to Annoy Everyone in Line Behind You at Target

26 Jul
Personal Finance

Personal Finance (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Or: How to Teach My Child the Value of Money.

My daughter is now 6 and gearing up to enter the first grade in just about a month. Ok, 31 days, but really……who’s counting?

After discussing the topic with friends, family, and hubby (in that order), we have decided that it is time for Miss Sassy Pants to start having regular weekly chores, and thus earn a modest allowance.

She and I sat down together and carefully constructed an agreement as to which chores she would be responsible for each week in order to earn some money for herself.

This came after a particular stressful shopping excursion where from a Mommy’s perspective she picked up EVERYTHING she could get her little hands on and asked if she could have it. Really, who knew that

Jo-Ann‘s Crafts had so much to entice her? After the umpteenth time of hearing me say “no’. Miss Sassy Pants, put her hands on her hips and said, “How would you like if it if someone told YOU no every time you wanted something, huh Mommy?” Duh, that’s what Daddy is for!

Fast forward two weeks and she has managed to scrape together enough for a little Cinderella doll that has been taunting her from the check out lanes at Target forever. She unashamedly explained that anytime she finds money lying around she puts it in her wallet… I might have to revisit that habit later.

I carefully count out her money. Almost all of it change of course, and tell her that she just might have enough for the Cinderella she has been desperate for. Then explain to her carefully, “no sweetie, they won’t give you your money back”. And “If you buy something, you give them the money, and they give you what you are buying”. And REPEAT a few times for the message to sink in.

We go up to the cashier, she empties her wallet on the counter…….

Why oh why oh WHY is it me who ends up counting out the $4.89 required for the purchase no less than 4 times as the once empty check out lane fills up behind me? Every time I counted out the change, the cashier would reach in, try to count some additional pennies, switching piles around, and we would have to start over. It was enough to make my head spin, then Mr. Crabby Pants decided he’d had enough and wanted to tell everyone about it,  as only an 8 month old can.

I could just feel the aggravation of the patrons behind me growing. I know it would it have been easier to pocket the change, and swipe my debit card to expedite the process. But, damn it, I was trying to teach a lesson here.

I’m begging you… If anyone has any tips on how to teach the value of money to a young child. Please, any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. My local Target will thank you!


10 ways I know I’ve become my mother

17 Jul

We were watching an episode of Friends the other night, where Rachel is trying to teach Joey to sail, and she realizes that she has become her father. “I’ve tried so hard not to become my mother, I did not see this coming”. It made me laugh, since my dad was not really part of my life, it was a given that I would become my mom, but as any young and independent person knows for certain, THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME!!!!!!

Yeah, it does. Here’s how I know:

10. I have a growing collection of running shoes.

Before kids, and twenty extra pounds ago, I was all about the heels. Pretty, strappy and sexy please. I always, always have pretty painted toes ready to show them off.

9. My bookcase is full of the following: Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, and Cookbooks.

Tucked in the bottom are all my Art History and Travel books from college. A reminder of all the places I want to go see, explore and taste………… one day.

8. I own a sewing machine and I know how to use it.

I used a book that I got at the library to teach myself how to use it.

7. I have a current and well used Library Card.

When in doubt: Go Look in a Book! and Hello Story Time!

6. I’m grateful for hand-me-downs.

My friends and I have developed a circle of passing around those quickly outgrown clothes and toys de jour that have shorter life spans than some celebrity marriages.

5. There are a few cherished recipes that have to be made: Just Like Mom Makes It.

My husband is a recipe tinkerer and we have come to an agreement that some recipes are to be left alone.

4. I’d rather take a walk in the woods any day of the week.

3. PBS is one of my favorite channels to watch on TV.

We grew up without cable, and gasp we don’t have cable now either.

2. I enjoy doing what my mom calls tedious little shit. In other words: scraping paint, removing wallpaper and other tedious projects that can get so addicting it’s hard to put the damn scraper down and walk away. We have both burned ourselves with those blow dryer looking things that literally melt the paint off the wall.

1. I recently bought the piece de resistance: a Mead Lil Fat Notebook to keep in my purse.

For as long as I can remember my Mom has always had one in her purse, and now so do I. It really is coming in handy.

Just like Mom always said.

Scrap That and Try Again

5 Jul
English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, so it is now July and we’re over half-way through 2012.

For whatever reason, on TV they are listing all the year’s best highlights: who had babies, who broke-up, who lost weight, et cetera

In keeping with such time-honored and typically year-end traditions. I have decided to scrap my New Year’s Resolutions, and try again with some fresh ones. Mid-Year Resolutions if you will.

Here Goes!

10: Write, write, WRITE!

9: Read, Read, READ!

8: Do something creative every day

7: Finish one project before starting a new one, with the exception being knitting because that’s just not always possible

6: Don’t just Pin It, TRY IT!

5: Date my Husband

4: Continue to explore healthy recipes and new foods

3:Make a daily appointment to work out, and keep it

2: Practice patience with the children, especially Sassy Britches

1: Make a daily appointment with God, and keep it


Maybe a little re-prioritizing is just the ticket. Maybe this time they’ll stick. If not, there’s always September. That’s when I start planning for Christmas!

Crunchier than I Thought I Would Be

4 Jul

I have never thought of myself as a “Hippy” or however you would spell that.

In high school, I couldn’t understand people’s facination with The Greatful Dead, patchuli makes my face itch, I don’t feel like the day is started without a good shower, and I didn’t feel like smoking pot.

Today, um years later all of the same is true.

And yet, I am far crunchier than I thought I would be.

I wear my baby in a Moby wrap in order to have my hands free.

I use cloth diapers on this one, to keep the land-fills a little less full of poop, and also to keep a little extra green in our bank account.

I make my own baby wipes, because it is easier than sorting out and trashing the disposable ones from the cloth diapers when it is laundry time. Plus like everything else, those things are getting more expensive.

I’m happily breastfeeding #2 for as long as he’s interested.

I have taken to making my own baby food. It’s fun, it’s easier by far than I thought it would be, my daughter likes to help, which by the way,  is a huge bonus as it is summer vacation and every day is a struggle to keep her entertained and him from bodily harm!

I knit, I sew, and I have fallen head over heels for Pinterest and all it’s crafty, foody, fitness glory.

Maybe I’m not a hippy after all. Maybe I’m a little crunchy, a little crafty, and a lot cheap!

If you feel the same and have any tips, please feel free to share!

If you’re on Pinterest, let me know and I’ll look you up!

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