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His Very Own Muppet

29 Jun

This sibling thing is like entering a strange new dimension for me. Maybe it’s not The Twilight Zone, but is there such a thing as The Sibling Zone?

Just as a back note, I am not an only child. I have a twin sister, which of course had it’s own series of ups and downs, but that could be a whole other post, or just years of therapy.

My two beautiful children are 5 1/2 years apart almost to the day. As my pregnancy crept to an end, I worried. As all mothers do, I worried: Would she be ok? What is it like to have a brother? Would she mind that our happy little world of three would soon become four? How would she cope? And as the insomnia and ever-increasing need to pee kept me awake at night so did the list of worries.

Fast Forward Seven Months:

She loves having a brother……………… Most of the time.

She is kind and loving to him…………….. Except when she’s not.

She thinks he’s the cutest baby ever …………………… But minds when everyone else is saying it.

From what I can tell all this is normal. Big sigh of relief right?

Eeeeeeeeehhhhh, maybe.

Because my darling girl is always ON! Now we have looked her over several times, and there is NO OFF SWITCH! There is no mute button either. For better or for worse she is ON!

What could be so bad?

He has his own private Muppet. A constant source of entertainment.  She is a stunning combination of Fiona from Shrek, Elmo, and that one red Muppet who just babbles incessantly in your face,  in a low growl no less.

And He LOVES IT!…………………..Except when he doesn’t.

He laughs at her craziness………. Until he gets overwhelmed.

He thinks she is the greatest thing ever….. Unless she puts a big hat on his head so he can’t see and bashes his head into the wall as a result.

Again, this is normal right?????

As for me…… if I could keep those eyes in the back of my head focused, and work out how to wear ear-plugs to drone out the ever present screeching that they both seem to love so much.

I hope they grow up loving each other. I hope that in their twenties when they are past the being annoyed by each other’s existence stage; they will realize that they are best friends.

I’m a mommy, I can worry and I can dream.

Enter Daddy: Stage Left

28 Jun

As a stay-at-home Mommy, there are times where I feel unequal parts entertainment director, teacher, artist, short-order cook, referee, police/parole officer…

Some days, I feel just this side of a lunatic!

Enter Daddy STAGE LEFT:

In our home Daddy is always good for:

Rough-housing; especially when it is past bedtime! Bonus points if there are pillows and aerial manuevers involved.

Jumping into the kitchen with a frying pan in hand; ready to stir up some culinary magic, usually off the top of his head!

Or alternately whipping out his phone where he has the pizza place on speed-dial.

Blithely ignoring the STAGGERING piles of laundry & diapers in favor of a family movie night

Finishing any attempted home (ahem) improvement, aka baby-proofing– projects that I have been unable to get accomplished.

Turning a blind eye to the dining room table when it plays home to the sewing machine and other assorted crafting projects for weeks or months on end.

Backing up Mommy with that stern Daddy Voice when the sassy six year-old is getting a little too sassy.

Generally walking in the door ready to do what he can to help me, more or less.  In the way that only Daddy can…

A Stealthy Troublemaker

22 Jun

 Every once in a while there comes a time when the feminist in me rears up and says. Oh yes, I CAN do this! Just WATCH me! Usually these times involve Home Depot and the use of power tools.

This is one of those moments.

You see, in the last few weeks, my gorgeous laid-back little dude has disappeared.

In his place is a Troublemaker-with a capital T, who operates mostly in STEALTH Mode.

My dear and devoted husband works, a lot and I mean a lot. So while he has volunteered to help with the baby-proofing of our home… bits and pieces are lying everywhere and it is making me crazy!

Not to mention this wee man is getting more and more adventurous by the minute.

So it is down to Mommy.

I will use this drill, these auger anchor thingys and anything else I can get my hands on to put up, put away and otherwise baby-proof.

Cause seriously, I can do this. Watch me!

….Now I just gotta get on YouTube to figure out these auger thingys. The directions say no pre-drilling needed. Now that just doesn’t make sense…

Good-Bye Coca-Cola, I will miss you

21 Jun

Coca-Cola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am taking this class to help regain some level of fitness, and the other day the instructor asked us to write a break up letter for the one thing that we needed to let go of in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Here goes:

My Dear Coca-Cola,

I’m afraid I’ve come to a tough decision. Our relationship has got to end. This dependency thing we have, it’s just not healthy.

So, I’m seeing someone new, no one you know, so don’t ask. No, it’s not the same sweet satisfaction that I’ve found with you every morning for the last ten years. But, it’s much better for me.

Yes, I think about you all the time. Yes, come mid-afternoon, when I could use a pick-me up… it is you that comes to mind. But that is exactly what is so unhealthy between us. This craving for you will fade in time, so I have been told.

I’ve given you up. I’m turning a new leaf I’ve got to. It’s about doing something healthy for me.

I know it is hard. But really, there are lots of people out there who would be happy to have you.

Because it’s time to focus a little on me.

Thank-you for all the good times!



Gritting My Teeth & Taking The High Road

14 Jun
Smiley Face

Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To the lady in the silver Mitsubishi whatever driving behind me:

Pardon me, for getting in your way

Pardon me, for driving the legal speed in a parking lot

Pardon me, for watching out for other cars, speed bumps, stop signs and pedestrians

Pardon me, for not tailgating the other three cars in front of me

Pardon me, for caring about the welfare of my children who are passengers in my car


My mom often tells me that everyone is the star in their own soap opera.. and based on the honking, gesturing and other wise deranged behavior you exhibited while spending that brief time behind me, I can see that you did not appreciate my walk on guest appearance today. I again ask for your pardon. I hope you got those shoes that you were looking for, and whatever else happens, I hope you have a good day!


Mommy Poured a Guinness!

7 Jun
English: Guinness for strenght

English: Guinness for strenght (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I will be the first to admit, that I was completely clueless about motherhood before actually becoming one myself. Sure I had a vague idea of some things about being a mommy, some of my friends had kids after all. I tried to pay attention. Really, I did.


One thing I did not realise is that forevermore, someone would want to be touching me at all times for what appears to be the never-ending foreseeable future. Not including my long-suffering hubby.


Breastfeeding alone has a large degree of physical contact. I get that. I do, and a lot of the time, I enjoy the quiet snuggle time. Really.


Then there is this past week.


1 week + 2 sick kids + 3 trips to the Doctor = 1 crabby Mommy!


She started it. 103+ temperatures for 4 days running and a lot of whining. A strep diagnosis, then a retraction. Mystery virus that will work itself out. Oh joy.


Then he chimed in. Besides the fact that he is STILL teething, he woke up early Sunday with a temp of 102. Which for a 6 month old, that is a little high. Off to the urgent care we go. A few days later a cough develops, back to the Doctor…Mystery virus, that will work itself out. Big surprise.


And so ensued the rest of the week: Tylenol dosage schedules, non-stop whining , jealousy, and both of them wanting to be on top of Mommy at all possible times. It’s about to put me over the edge.


Okay, I’m done whining myself. I poured a Guinness, all will be well. Yes, Mommy has hidden talents.


How many weeks until school starts again??????????



In with a Fizzle

1 Jun

Waffles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you hear it??? IF you listen, there is a special sound for today, the first day of Summer Vacation. If you are of a certain generation it might just ROCK! Alice Cooper style: School’s out for Summer, School’s out FOREVER…” I

If you are of the next generation maybe it is those bright-eyed kids from High School Musical 2: “Summer, Summer, Summer” with a clock ticking in the background.

Around here, Summer Vacation is kicking off to the sound of wet fireworks. PFITPZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzshhhhhhhhhh.


Because, yet again my poor girl has strep throat, and is at this moment curled up on the sofa with a fever moaning that she cannot go to sleep.

So instead of heading off to the pool, the park, or to the library for the Summer Reading Club kick-off, homebound we remain.

Big Sigh.

These are the days when Mommy really REALLY, wants to make it all better.

And, I can’t. Not really.

I have to wait for time and antibiotics to do their thing.

Homemade waffles anyone??? Blueberries or Chocolate Chips???


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