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They got it wrong. Now what?

30 May

There is a lot of thought and consideration that comes into play when naming our childeren. Months spent pouring over books, searching the internet, debating with our spouse, our family and ourselves. Then you’ve done it. You picked the name that is just right for your new little munchkin. You love it and hope that everyone else does too.

Then come the knicknames. If you are a tad obsessive like I can be, you try to plan for that too. Now my daughter has her official nickname which is a shortened version of her name. Then there is the silly one that I slapped on her in a moment of Mommy Madness that has somehow stuck through the years. Some might consider it a touch embarassing as she is getting older and is now in school, so I try really hard not to use it in public.

So what should I do when I opened her yearbook the other day and THEY SPELLED HER NAME ALL WRONG!???????????

They didn’t use her given name, they used her nickname and spelled it in a way that I have never spelled it a single day of her life.

I know exactly where the error occured. The yearbook commitee used the name as given by the photography studio rather than the official class list.

Do I complain? If so, to whom? Those hard working volunteers on the PTA? The principal? The photography studio? When I walked by the poor woman manning the table trying to sell off the last few yearbooks, it didn’t seem to be the right time or place.

On one hand, the non confrontational  person in me says to just let it go, complaining won’t change the fact that they got it wrong. But if I don’t say something, a bad practice will continue and other kids will be walking around with their names wrong too.

I really don’t understand why they would not use an official class list when putting the names in the computer. No nicknames, no fuss, just everyone by their given name.

What do you think? Should I say something or just let it go???

If Parenting was a Sport in the Olympics…

27 May
English: diaper pile

English: diaper pile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is starting already. Any time the TV is on (more often than the recommended 2 hours a day..) but whatever. There amongst the barrage of political ads are the Olympic ads. I love it. I love the Olympics. Ever since I was a little girl mesmerized by Mary Lou Retton doing Gymnastics in her star-spangled leotard, I have harbored a secret fantasy of becoming a professional athlete.

Sigh, an athlete, I am not! Oh, I took the lessons: Swimming, Diving and Gymnastics…but never could quite… yeah.

Now that I am a parent again with my desperate to be mobile wee man, I realize that PARENTING is a full contact, high endurance sport! All you Mommys and Daddys out there who have wrestled a poopy screaming child in and or out of that diaper/outfit knows, that nothing can come close to making you sweat and throw out your back in such a short time.

If PARENTING was Sport in the Olympics:

100 meter sprint: the distance between your child and imminent danger. The neighbor’s dog, the street, the stairs… This is the point when you first realize that your child can run FASTER than you!

Hurdles: all those toys spread haphazardly throughout your home and now stand between you and your screaming baby!

Shot Put: Make that Toy or Food Launch. Isn’t amazing how far those little arms can launch something across the room once they are done with it? Bonus points for food or juice splatter!

Pole Vaulting: Make that the Great Baby Escape. Basically the little buggers will do anything to launch themselves over and above any type of barrier we can come up with: cribs, play pen, play yard, you name it. Maybe it would be best to turn the TV off when this event is on, they don’t need to get any ideas…

Long Jump: What you will do when you discover your child poised to launch themselves from any surface higher than 3 inches above the ground. 3 feet if your child is older…

Swimming: AKA Bath time. For some reason babies are compelled to try and drink the bath water.

Greco-Roman Wrestling: Diaper Changing a baby who would rather: roll over or crawl away than wait for you to clean their tushie. Bonus points when poop is involved. Gold Medal if pee gets in the baby’s eyes while you are trying to apply diaper cream!

Gymnastics: Similar to above but add clothing either the application or removal of and you will find you need  to contort both yourself and your baby in ways never before attempted by a lay person.

Boxing: Verbal negotiations that start at around age 4 and continue forevermore from what I can tell.

As the Olympics descend and we take time to salute our athletes, I salute the everyday athletes, aka Mom and Dad. Ok, the young hopefuls deserve a hand too. Do you think they know that the real challenges are yet ahead of them? Shhhh don’t tell. We wouldn’t want to scare them, now would we?

If you can think of any additional events to add to the Parenting Olympics, please do!

Not the Mommy I want to be

23 May

I know we all have those days where we don’t live up to our own glorious expectations. Yesterday was a shining example for me.

Maybe it’s because I have given up Coke and I am feeling absolutely CRANKY as a result.

Maybe it’s because I have also started tracking my food intake, eliminating sugar.

Maybe it’s because the heat here is cranking up a bit higher everyday.

Maybe it’s just me.

So, it’s about six o’clock and we need to get out the door to go pick up my hubby from work. We have already had a full afternoon since we stopped at the library after school. Here I am strapping my gorgeous boy into his car seat when the darling girl comes bouncing into the room. I swear that is her only mode of forward momentum… bouncing.

In she comes bouncing, as I am struggling to untwist the car seat strap so I can buckle the thing properly.

“Mommy, I want to bring a snack with me”.


“But, why?”

“BECAUSE YOU JUST HAD ONE!” came flying out of my mouth at abandon in a low growl. As I turned my head to look at her, my sweet and sassy girl just started bawling.

“Mommy, you scared me”

I have rarely felt so low in my entire life. My babies are my everything. Hence the title of this blog for goodness sake. I don’t want to be a yeller. I have this image of the type of Mommy that I strive to be, and growl/yelling at my child isn’t part of that picture. Especially since she wasn’t in mortal danger, and she was sitting only a foot away from me. Totally overblown reaction on the my part. I at this point took a deep calming breath and apologized, to my six-year-old. Because after all we do lead by example right?

Then I carefully explained why I didn’t want her to bring a snack with us. First, she had just had a big one, second we were now late to pick up her Daddy, and finally we would be eating dinner as soon as we got home. At which her only response was to hammer home the point that I had scared her. Did I mention she is a smart and feisty one?

Have you found yourself in a situation where you didn’t handle things they way you would have wanted? What did you do to help make things better?

So at the end of the day all I could do was pray to God asking that he help me to be a better Mommy today and everyday.


The End is Upon Us!

21 May

Kindergarten is almost done.

Summer vacation is almost here, and I can’t believe the year that we have had.

Sniffle, sigh… it seems like just a couple of days ago that we were walking into her school a family of three ready to start the new adventure in our lives that is kindergarten. She looked so cute in a red shirt and jean shorts with her hair brushed and teeth clean just bouncing in anticipation. When we walked into her classroom she did not hesitate a moment. She hung her backpack up on her hook and took her place at her little desk. Her teacher had already placed a couple of activities on their tables for them, so she picked up some blocks and started playing with them.

I’m not sure she even noticed when I leaned over to kiss her good-bye. After a few minutes of unneccessary loitering, I figured it was time to head for the door. At this point, I had to pull my husband out by his elbow… Then he stood in the doorway for a few minutes just watching her.

Fast forward to the end of the year:

Here are some Kindergarten Rules as they really apply:

Follow Directions the First Time They are Given.

Translation: see Stay on Task, one cancels the other when at home.

Keep Feet, Hands and Objects to Yourself.

Translation: This apparently does not apply to any manner of germs that will come home to share with your friends and family. This year we had at least 5 confirmed cases of Strep throat and 3 mystery viruses.

Stay on Task.

Translation: This teaches the skill of how to completely ignore your Mommy when it is time to stop what you are doing and clean your room as requested. Of this, my daughter is a master.

Use an Appropriate Voice at All Times.

Translation: New “friends” will have LOTS of interesting information for you to share with Mommy. Example: “Mommy, tattoos really hurt. They put them on you with a needle. So they really, really hurt. Did you know that???”

Respect People and Things.

Translation: Once you are out the confining limits of the classroom, feel free to let it all out every chance you get. All that energy has to have an outlet you know. Isn’t it one of Newton’s Laws of physics? If not Newton than surely this is covered by Murphy!

As the days count down I reflect on the year that has passed. The changes that have occurred, including adding a brother and loosing six teeth,  and I focus on this: Summer Vacation means that I have three months to keep all the good things she learned at school locked in her mind, while trying to ERASE the bad!

Tattoos anyone????


21 May

So I have been following Body Back for a week now. The workouts are challenging and make me sweat which I take to be a good thing. The meal plan is not entirely up my alley. But I am using the shopping list and coming up with recipes that fall within the guidelines.

I am also trying desperately to give up my morning pop habit, it has been either coke or diet coke in the morning for over a decade now. What can I say, I like my caffiene cold, brown and fizzy!

So I cheerfully got on the scale this morning and I have lost 4 pounds.

Then I got on the scale at our class just a short time later, and according to her scale have lost 1. WTF? 1  pound????

Then for fun we got a thorough butt kicking! I just hope with all that glute and quad work, I can walk tomorrow!


I have to confess that I was a little cranky when I posted this the other day. I immediately had bloggers remorse if there is such a thing and deleted it. I didn’t know if that would screw anything up for anyone so, I have restored the post with my apologies.

Early morning butt kickin’

16 May

Body Back

I was gifted with a fitness program recently. It is designed for moms of any age. So my alarm is set for 5 am on Monday and Wednesday. I am getting up to get my butt kicked and a fire lit under it to get moving and grooving. I’m not getting any younger so anything I can do now will only help down the road. We have on both sides of my family: heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The super scary trifecta that experts agree you can lower your chances of getting if only you will eat sensibly and excercise regularly.

Sounds simple right?

5 am is BRUTAL when there is a teething monster in the house. Plus I am terrified that I will some how miss the screetching alarm, so my little brain is waking myself up at regular intervals to check that no, in fact the alarm has NOT gone off, and I have four more hours to sleep actually.

This is only the first week and I wonder if 5 am is going to be my new wake up time, or if I will eventually stop waking up to check the dog gone clock?? Either way is ok. It’s just that a  little sleep goes a LONG way as any parent knows.

I like the class so far and am happy to have the added motivation to put my body in action rather that just talk about it. Because, really… can’t waste such a great opportunity.

Right now, I am enjoying that my muscles feel a little tender and well worked. I didn’t realize how much I missed that feeling of “I had a really good work out today”. If feeling good about getting my butt kicked on a regular basis helps me be a better wife and a better mommy……… Gotta keep grooving!

Back to Normal????

12 May

I feel a bit like I have been hit by a truck. Or maybe it is just that my batteries ran out sometime this morning after taking my mom to the airport. I really think I heard that whirring sound of them winding down. I know I felt it. Wsshhhshh. Four days of whirlwind activities:

A Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese, no less. It was a smashing success!

Family Pictures

Mad Crafting our own Mother’s Day presents

Field Day at school

Showing off at dance class

Shopping, shopping and more shopping

All on top of the normal stuff: Someone still had to be to school at 7:35 in the morning, and someone else still needed to be fed every three hours or so.

No one can say that I am not a good hostess/tour guide! It was a wonderful visit. My mom is one of my best friends and we always have fun together. It had been two years, so we had a lot of time to make up for in those four short, jam-packed days. I planned ahead as much as possible. Almost to geek status, I knew where I wanted to take her on which days to best highlight our little corner of the world.

See, my mom has never been here. I not only wanted to show her where we live. But also a bit of the life that we are getting established here. I wanted her to see that even though we are not making our home  in the midwest where I grew up, we are making a home here, it is a nice place, it will be ok, and she can maybe just maybe stop worrying. Although, I have been told that as a mother, you never stop worrying, so we will see how that goes.

I had made double batches of a few dinners in advance and froze them so precious time was not wasted in the kitchen. This is a known technique for when you have a baby on the imminent horizon. I highly recommend it for other relatives and visitors too.

I spent the preceding week scouring Pinterest for the perfect craft project(s) to make for Mother’s Day and came up with two amazing ones.

Make your own Birds Nest necklaces - a great "jewellery craft" for beginners

These gorgeous necklaces are fun to do. We modified them a little for my daughter to be able to participate as well. They are from a wonderful blog called Please look her up. Her blog is fabulous.

We also made our own version of these handprints from Thanks

This Mother's Day gift is one that you can do every single year - to see how your children are growing!

So I am sitting here, happy and sad, and tired thinking what a wonderful week we just had. My mom called a little bit ago to tell me that her plane had landed and said I must be glad to be able to get things back to normal. Somehow I don’t know what that is. I think I need to take a nap.

To all you Mommys out there. Have a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day.

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